Monday, December 10, 2012

Casting the First Stone

As construction continued on in to its fourth month, we worked diligently to focus on getting things accomplished amidst the noise, the debris and the continual stream of workers coming in and out.

Sitting down at my cube one morning, I heard the entry door within the panel of plate glass windows on my right begin to shake and an irritating pounding set to rhythm.  I knew that across the large bullpen, the development group was meeting, so I decided to see who was attempting to gain access.

As I stood up and moved towards the door, I saw this scruffy, homeless-looking man in raggedy camo jacket and really bad haven't-been-combed-since-the-seventies hair looking in to one of the engineers in this meeting and waving at him as he continued to jerk on the locked door.

Still having not seen me standing to his left, this guy smiles a broad, toothless grin - seriously, all of the top front-facing row had been lost to the abyss oh so long ago - and looking directly at the engineer, the (obvious) construction worker says: "Yeah, come open the door, you dumb mother fucker."

I stopped short in my steps, appalled beyond function at the blatant irony of the situation.  So, outside we had an ill-mannered vagrant attempting to repeatedly try to open a locked door while proclaiming profanities that he didn't think could be heard at a successful, obviously intelligent man comfortably ensconced in a warm, protected environment where he earns what can only be assumed as a good living.

In all honesty, who should be calling who a 'dumb mother fucker'?

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