Monday, February 11, 2013

Interpretations of the Bible

I caught a radio show in progress one morning on the way to work that left me so confused and stumped that I literally could not change the radio station.

"...and there will be no pets in heaven.  They are soulless.  But do not worry!  There will be animals!"  ( pets aren't animals?  when did this happen?).  "We will live among the bear, the lion, the beast.  The bible tells us that we will rule these creatures.  They will live in harmony with us.   Amen."

So, while I was trying to reconcile that pets - who love us, are dedicated to us, provide solace and protection have no souls, gruesome cannibals such as the lion and bear will sit alongside us in heaven, meaning they have souls?  How does that work really? - the man continued on another avenue of crazy:

"Another question that is brought up is 'why do I have to work'?  This is a really good question!  Work is hard.  It's disappointing.  In many cases, it's fruitless.  But if we look at the bible, Genesis tells us the reason for this is because work is cursed.  Amen.  But don't lose hope!  Don't lose faith!  For God also tells us that we shall be rewarded in heaven for all this work.  Corinthians explains we shall rule the angels.  That's right - we will rule the angels.  I can live with that, can you?  (laughter in the audience) So, find happiness in your work.  For you will be working for God!  Amen.  You will be working for the King of Kings in heaven!"

So...wait...but won't that still be work?  I thought you just said work was cursed?  If God claims work to be cursed, how can he ask you to be excited about working for him?  Am I missing something?

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