Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sketchy Service

Sitting on the floor at a local Moroccan restaurant, we waited patiently - yet again - for our eating experience to begin.  My man had never experienced a Moroccan meal and I was excited to be able to provide that for him.  I had purchased the 6-course dining experience as a Groupon special so that if he didn't like it, we wouldn't be out a ton of money.

We had waited 40 minutes past our reservation time before being seated and now watched as everyone around us waited for service in various stages of their meals.  Two young waitresses darted back and forth throughout the restaurant trying to accommodate the crowd.

During the periodic visits by the staff, one of the waitresses finally offered to refill our drinks and as she lowered herself down to the table, she uttered an apology.  "I'm so sorry for the wait, guys.  As you can see, we're a bit...under handed."

She darted off quickly and I looked up to see a smile spread across D's face.  "Under handed. Haha."

Well, that certainly explained things in a different light alright.

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