Sunday, April 14, 2013

Citrus, All Grown Up

Standing in line to checkout at the local Super Target, we noticed that the lady in front of us had several bags of produce.  This particularly caught my attention, because I don't like all the little plastic bags, so I'm always fascinated with the people that use them.  No judgement, just curiosity.

As the cashier hurriedly grabbed bag after bag and looked it up on her cheat sheet, the customer began to get a little 'helpful'.  And by helpful, I mean she was obviously getting irritated but there was no way in hell she was going to exhibit such behavior in public, so she brandished a smile and began to get...'helpful'.

As the checkout lady held up a bag, the customer said, "That's cilantro."  (And when DID it become "cilantro" instead of "coriander" and why did we have to change it? - just another curiosity...)

"Oh, I know.  But I have to get the code."  The cashier responded much to the lady's chagrin and my internal humor.  Again, she rummaged through her cheat sheet and again, she held up the next bag.  Finally, she grabbed the last clear plastic bag and held it up.  It contained three small green balls.

"Oh!"  The cashier exclaimed with more delight than was warranted in my opinion.  "Would you look at that?  You've got baby lemons!"

My eyes shot to D's, then to the lady in front of us that was looking completely stumped.  "Um..."  She began politely as the cashier searched her card for lemon infants.  "Those are limes."

I had to turn my head to keep from laughing out loud and noticed that everyone else in line behind us did the same.

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