Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rude Disability

Topping off my water bottle at the gym before beginning my meager routine, I was interrupted by a loud, high-pitched barking noise directly behind me.  Startled, I turned around, glaring at the little man standing behind me.

Unaffected, he waved as though to shoo me away.  Apparently my derriere was blocking his ability to use the water fountain next to me.  Appalled, I moved away only because my bottle was already filled and got on the treadmill convincing myself I could let it go.  I was wrong.

Once re-dressed, I marched directly up to the counter and complained, describing the perpetrator as short, in a wife-beater ('cause those are HOTTTTT), with small headphones on that wrapped around the back of his head.  I politely informed them that it was inappropriate and even if he had some kind of impediment or problem, waiting for one person to finish did not take that long, and besides, there was another bank of water fountains located along the other wall.

The next day, as I was walking in, the front desk hostess stopped me and informed me that she'd been able to follow up with the man about the situation.

"Yeah, Ms. G., he's deaf."  She announced with that please-understand-and-feel-sorry-for-him expression.

I stood for a moment trying to understand this statement.  "Yeah," I responded, quite aware I was mocking her.  "Except for two things: one, impatience isn't a handicap.  If it were, the government would owe me a lot of money.  And two, if he's so deaf, why is he listening to music?"

As though by divine intervention, the culprit mounted a treadmill directly to my left.  I pointed to drive my observation home.  There he was, trekking along with his iPod perched on the machine, happily texting away.

Yeah, that's called 'dick' not 'deaf', sister.

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